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Dry Erase Board Break-even Analysis

and Pricing     go directly to the Price and Savings Grid

Because of custodial labor savings, many schools and organizations who use chalkboards, or dry erase boards that require periodic cleaning to remove ghosting and other marks, realize a break-even during the first or second year. The following savings is calculated on just custodial hours. When the costs of cleaners is added in, the payoff occurs even sooner.


Breakeven example on a 4 foot by 8 foot Dry Erase-Plus Overlay  (costs only $104.00)

2 minute wipe down each night and a 6 minutes deep cleaning once per week  (14 minutes per week)

Labor cost per hour (wage, taxes, and benefits)

Equation:  ($11.50 / 60 minutes) x 14 min/wk) = $2.68 per week to clean a 4'x8' dry erase board

                $104.00 original cost / $2.68 cost every week for extra cleaning = only 9 months until breakeven!

You have breakeven in less than one year with just the savings on just custodial hours!  The breakeven occurs even quicker when cleaning costs are included.


Your upgrade is paid off in the first year plus you place extra money in your budget!

Plus, you have a picture perfect board for every presentation! between every erasing! every time!

Since your purchase will permanently reduce your costs in maintaining the writing surfaces (both chalkboards and other dry erase boards), the savings can be calculated for any given period of time. Here we have calculated your savings after the first two years. On your budget, the savings will be shown as profit (revenues minus expenses).  The more boards you upgrade the lower your expenses and the higher your savings and profit!

How to calculate the amount saved (profit realized) at the end of year 2...

Based on taking 2 minutes per 4' x 8' board (32 sq feet). The total resulting from: Columns C x D1 x D2  / 32 sq feet will determine the number of equivalent 4' x 8' sized boards. Multiply this number by 14 minutes per week at a labor cost of $11.50 / hour (includes benefits) ($11.50 / 60 x 14 = $2.68 labor cost per week per 4' x 8' board). Multiply this savings by 104 weeks (52 weeks x 2 years). The result is how much labor costs savings that will occur in two years. Subtract out the original purchase price, and this will be your net amount of savings.

Equation: C x D1 x D2 / 32 x $2.68 x 104 - Column E =  the net amount of money you saved

in two years!... Now you have both the savings plus picture perfect, durable, dry erase surfaces!


You may calculate the initial investment and the resulting savings in either the grid below or on the calculator grid:


            The calculator below computes the savings based on the above

             example of cleaning a chalkboard or a conventional dry erase board (column H) for 2 years. 

            Enter your information into the blue spaces in the calculator grid; the program will automatically calculate your

             initial cost and your savings after the second year of use. The net savings includes the cost of the items

             (total savings - cost = net savings).

            To calculate a new set of savings, simply delete the entries that you wish to adjust.



Cost and Savings Price Grid        

We guarantee that we are lower priced than any other advertised dry erase skin that meets our performance!

Through this web site, we can offer direct manufacturer pricing, directly to you!

(Any continuous length up to 100 feet available -example: 16 feet long. Standard widths are 48" (4 foot);

narrower widths cut charge applies -example: 42" feet widths available!)

How to compute your board price:    

Simply enter your information in the light blue squares in the Price Calculation Grid below and the computer will calculate your investment and your net savings (based on cleaning savings).

            For example: you need a 4 foot x 8 foot skin

            Look at the grid below and find the square foot price for a skin: 

                 price $4.25   

                                            4 feet x 8 feet = 32 square feet

                                            32 square feet x $3.25 price per square foot = $104.00


           To calculate the amount of your savings after two years:

                 Based on custodial labor cost for weekly cleaning, your new surface will pay for itself in just 9 months and at the end of the second year, you will have made $174.72 additional profit for your company/organization at the end of the second year !  




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                                       -to calculate a new set of savings, simply delete the entries that you wish to adjust.

Note: All Shipping Costs will be quoted based on materials, delivery zip code, weight, and size.



Product Popular Sizes (all sizes available) Daily Discount Pricing School / Govt. Discount Pricing
Skins only     $3.25
2' x 3'
4' x 6'
4' x 8'
4' x 10'
Frameless / Overlay  $5.38
2' x 3'
4' x 6'
4' x 8'
4' x 10'
Add Frame and 18" Accessory Tray
2' x 3'
4' x 6'
4' x 8'
4' x 10'


    Order on-line today

                         or call 1.888.877.2261!


Note: All Shipping Costs will be quoted based on materials, delivery zip code, weight, and size.

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