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Dry Erase-Plus is the #1 dry erase surface available!  and here's why...

Easily Wipe Clean  bold colors, permanent markers, regular markers, spray paint, glue, and tape adhesive... even if they were all made last month...  (see our 6-1/2 week test!).  Schools love the Dry Erase-Plus surface because it deep cleans with just water offering more savings. Businesses love the Dry Erase-Plus surface because of its extra-length seamless wall-to-wall beauty and its picture perfect presentation. Designers love Dry Erase-Plus Transparent skins allowing them to have dry erase surfaces of any color.

Accepts Tape or Magnets  Our scratch resistant surface enhances your presentations with the ability to place documents and items directly on your writing surface. The tackable dry erase surface allows your dry erase board to double as a tack board at the same time using tape or apply on metal and use magnets.

Projection Compatible...  Easy-read, angle-read, surface offers projection writable surfaces.

All Sizes  Since we manufacture, we can produce any length of dry erase board that you need: from small mobile dry erase boards, to conference size seamless mural boards up to 100 feet long. We offer 5 foot heights, 4 foot heights, plus 2 foot heights; we also offer 10 inch widths (to make any standard-size paper dry eraseable), and 2 inch width labels.

Any Color... Our white surface will instantly upgrade a black chalkboard into a premium new white dry erase surface... resurface chalkboards quickly and easily for incredible savings... plus  Our transparent surface (shown above) allows any wall color, grid, or graphic to show through. Now you can have a dry erase color that perfectly matches your walls and grids that always have their lines!

Clean Erase Every Time Saves Money Save money on special cleaners and maintenance hours (details below); Dry Erase-Plus delivers picture perfect, anti-ghost cleaning, every time.  A clean erase the first time, never stains, eliminates daily cleaning and weekly chemical cleaning. And the board is always perfect for your next use!

Overlay and Resurface Existing Chalkboards  Many schools and organizations use our affordable overlays to upgrade and resurface their chalkboards and old dry erase boards.  Using the existing trim (we also have replacement trim available) you save on materials that you would otherwise just repurchase; plus, the resurface upgrade only takes about 20 minutes. In just a few simple steps, the chalkboard transforms into a beautiful and tough dry erase board.

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You told us that you wanted the best dry erase surface...


   Quick and easy to install, seamless,


   Lifetime warranty,



  dry erase markers... plus


  permanent markers (Sharpie)... plus


  regular markers, washable markers, highlighter markers... plus


  crayons... plus


  spray paint... plus


  pens... plus


  tape and stickers...


You said that you wanted a dry erase surface that...


   Upgrade a chalkboard or a damaged dry erase board quickly and inexpensively... plus


   Match your wall color...  our transparent overlay allows your wall color to be the dry erase surface color...  plus


   Anti-ghost cleaning... plus


   Deep cleans with just water so you did not have to buy cleaners

 with the Thickest Surface available to give Longevity and Staying Power... plus


   In easy to cut lengths to wrap around an entire room for continuous writing surfaces... plus


   Projection compatible allowing writing on projected image... plus

You wished for...


   A quick and easy way to upgrade existing chalkboards to dry erase boards  

   Use as an overlay to repair existing dry erase boards and scratched magnetic boards... plus


   Able to easily remove markings left for weeks, even permanent marker, without ghosting... plus


   Easy to install with the adhesive already on the backing... plus


   UV protected... plus


   Indoor and Outdoor durable...

And you wanted it very affordable... You asked... so we developed it !  Dry Erase - Plus

  Email us or Call us toll-free 1.888.877.2261 and Order Today!


The dry erase surface that you asked for is here...

JML's Dry Erase - Plus  cleanly removes...

bullet   Dry erase markers
bullet  Permanent marker (Sharpie)
bullet  Regular markers
bullet  Washable markers
bullet  Crayons
bullet   Spray paint
bullet  Stickers
bullet      Tape

all remove without ghosting... Even Months Later!


Dry Erase -Plusä is both white and transparent allowing the wall surface color, logo, lines, and text to show through. On full roll quantities we can color to match.


Anti-ghosting... totally clean every time! ... including permanent marker!  Save money on cleaners because JML's dry erase products only needs a soft cloth and water to deep clean.


Lengths up to 100 continuous feet. 


The dry erase surface has the adhesive already applied. Simply remove the protective backing and apply the surface directly to your wall, overlay chalkboards, overlay previous dry erase surfaces, or overlay painted boards.  It is that easy!


Dry Erase -Plusä   is so advanced that in addition to permanent marker, spray paint and stickers also cleanly come off without a trace.  Check out our 6 1/2 week test!





Use as an Overlay  on chalkboards and old dry erase boards.



So tough you can use it indoors and outdoors (ask about our outdoor application).




      Dry Erase Marker


      Sharpie (permanent marker)


Dry Erase - Plus™  easily adheres to the wall because of the pre-applied adhesive, plus, the thickness and durability is almost double that of other dry erase surfaces.



The "after" picture was specifically darkened to show enhance the detail of the cleanliness of the erasure. 

     The dry erase easily wipes clean.

 The wax based crayon simply comes off.

    The permanent marker also wipes clean ... even after several weeks!

Visit our picture gallery, Dry Erase Plus™  totally removes marks without any ghosting... quick and clean!






Applications include...



Corporate conference rooms (wall-to-wall)


Hospitals and anyplace requiring surfaces that can be sanitized

Commercial kitchens and anyplace requiring washable surfaces

Outdoor signage (UV protected)



Dry Erase Surfaces

Chalkboard overlays

Dry erase overlays

Student boards

Outdoor signage

Dorm doors and walls

Early Childhood / Preschool walls

School "Mural" Walls




            Locker rooms

            Outdoor signage




Children’s playrooms


Writing boards

Wainscoting protective coating, Dry erase wallpaper, (kitchens, dining rooms, breakfast rooms)



Order today... only $3.75 sq foot!

    call toll-free 1.888.877.2261


Click on the excel short cut and simply fill in the blue boxes; the program will calculate your order and your annual net savings based on cleaning savings! Click here for a detailed explanation of how your savings are calculated.


Dry Erase Board Cost & Savings Price Calculation Grid
  Price Number Size Order Breakeven Net Savings after 
Dry Erase-Plus Item   per sq ft   of units Widths     2', 4', 5'    Lengths     1' - 100' by Size   in months 2
 -Available in White and Transparent   Column C Column D   2.68 year(s)
Example $3.75 1 4 x 8 $104.00 9.0 $174.72
Dry Erase-Plus™ Overlay $3.25     x        
  White or Transparent  Indoor/Outdoor $3.75     x        
    ready to install pre-applied adhesive $3.25     x        
Dry Erase-Plus™ Magnetic $5.38     x        
  White $5.78     x        
    ready to install pre-applied adhesive  $5.38     x        
Dry Erase-Plus™ Framed $7.12     x        
   On backing board with trim $8.95     x        
     (minimum quantities on orders) $7.12     x        
Dry Erase-Plus™ Color $6.80     x        
  Choice of Color $8.95     x        
    24", 48", or 58" widths $6.80     x        
Dry Erase-Plus™ Grids / Graphics $8.97     x        
 Logos, Grids, Graphics  4-color process $8.95     x        
   placed under surface (infused) $8.97     x        
2" Labels now Available (per linear foot) $0.10   2 inches x 200      
Total Order   0       $0.00   $0.00
 -to calculate a new set of savings, simply type over the entries that you wish to adjust.
Note: All Shipping Costs will be quoted based on materials, delivery zip code, weight, and size.








Product Popular Sizes (all lengths up to 100 feet available) Daily Discount Pricing School / Govt. Discount Pricing
Skins (Surface)  $3.75
2' x 3'
4' x 6'
4' x 8'
4' x 10'
Metal (Magnetic) / Overlay w/ Adhesive Backing $5.78
2' x 3'
4' x 6'
4' x 8'
4' x 10'
Infused Grid / Logo / Custom Image under Dry Erase Surface   $8.95
2' x 3'
4' x 6'
4' x 8'
4' x 10'


    Order on-line today

                         or call 1.888.877.2261!


Note: All Shipping Costs will be quoted based on materials, delivery zip code, weight, and size.


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...on this page Pricing & Savings Calculator, Frequent Size Pricing

Email: CustomerService@DryErasePlus.com






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Dry Erase -Plus Skins, Overlays, Replacement, and Upgrade is available in white and transparent.

Dry Erase -Plus is manufactured in the United States.



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Conference, Office, School, and Home  Dry Erase Boards and Room Partitions... any size or coordinating color

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School Dry Erase Boards... upgrade quickly and economically with one of our overlay products

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Sound proofing, functional, stylish, beautiful...


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